CACSR Representative: Dr. Francisco Cayabyab

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Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Research Committee is to enhance the research capacity and productivity of the Department of Surgery through the promotion of original research activities among faculty and residents, as well as research training opportunities for these individuals. A significant proportion of these activities should be directed toward collaborative, team approaches that result in innovative research programs. The current goals of the Research Committee include:

  • Development of a Research Strategy for the Department with emphasis on organization and support of effective research teams whose success in research productivity and grant capture will be judged by national and international
  • Organization and implementation of the Department of Surgery Faculty Research Day and Resident Research Day.
  • Organization and facilitation of Department Research Seminars (~3-4 seminars/year) and Resident Research Workshops (~6 workshops/year)
  • Development of an  annual  budget  for  Departmental  research  activities  in collaboration  with  the Finance Advisory  Committee  and the  Department
  • Peer review evaluation of research  projects  from  Department  Members,  Residents, and Research Teams in accordance with  the  research  strategic  plan  for  the Emphasis on transparency and fairness in these decisions is a priority for the Department. Recommendation of funding and a Research Budget will be carried out through peer review. Funding priorities will be identified by the Research Committee but are subject to approval by the Committee of Division Heads and Department Head.
  • Liaison with the Vice Dean Research, College of Medicine, and the VP Research, Saskatchewan Health Authority, to align the overall research plan for the Department with research priorities of the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Health Authority.
  • Securing funding for the Departmental research activities through support of external grant capture, as well as voluntary donor sources. Partnering opportunities to maximize the efficiency of departmental research funds will be
  • Development of an annual report reflecting the research activities of the Department of