Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research

Gold Scalpel Research Award Terms of Reference


This award is to recognize the top trainee Research Abstract and presentation at the Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research (CACSR) Conference session.


To be eligible you must be selected to present your award winning abstract at the Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research Annual Conference session.

Selection Process:

Each presenter will be evaluated by three judges and will receive an overall mark. The highest average mark will be the recipient of the award.


Award recipient will receive a certificate, which will be presented at the conclusion of the CACSR conference session and a $500 cheque will be mailed to the recipient.

2020 Winner: 

Dr. Christopher Ahuja from the University of Toronto for his paper and presentation on "SMaRT Stem Cells to Repair the Spinal Cord "

CACSR Research Travel Award

Terms of Reference


To promote excellence in Surgical Research across Canada, the Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research (CACSR) will provide a travel award to seven individuals towards their travel, accommodation and registration to present at the annual CACSR Meeting at the Canadian Surgical Forum (CSF). These individuals will be chosen from amongst the winners of annual Surgical Research Day fellow/resident/graduate presentations at academic institutions across Canada. The Gold Scalpel Research Award winner will be chosen from the presenters at the CACSR session.


An award in the amount of $1,000 will be provided directly to each recipient from their host institution.


Must be a fellow, resident or graduate student engaged in surgical research within a Department of Surgery in a Canadian University. The nominee must have received the firstplace prize for their presentation at their own University's Department of Surgery most recent annual Research Day. If the nominee is also presenting the same abstract at the Canadian Surgery Forum they cannot be nominated for this travel award.

Nomination Procedure:

Nominations should be sent by email by the head of the institution's surgical research committee or their designate to the administrative lead of the CACSR using the Gold Scalpel Research Award Abstract Presentation Nomination Form.

Adjudication Procedure:

Nominations will be adjudicated by a quorum of members of the CACSR based on perceived importance of the work and its relevance to advancing surgical research. Up to seven nominees will be selected and invited to come and speak at the annual CACSR meeting.